AltHub to combine with Invisage Alpha to create a one-stop solution for the Alt Data Market.

30 June 2021

AltHub LLC (Delaware, US) and Invisage Alpha Limited (UK) announced they have entered a definitive agreement to combine in an all-equity transaction.

AltHub, a leading provider of consulting and sales services to data providers, will integrate Invisage’s award-winning AI sales enablement and modelling platform to expand the depth and breadth of services offered to investment managers and data providers.

Scott Hall, founder of AltHub, will become CEO of the new entity and said of the merger: “AltHub was one of the early pioneers and is a trusted partner for leading investment managers and data providers. As we continue to see alternative data establish its position as an integral part of every investors’ decision-making process – like fundamental data and investment research – we see a need for the ecosystem to mature and deliver better tools and operational processes. Through our partnership with Invisage, we have been able to combine our personalized approach with scalable technology. It has become clear that this is a winning proposition. As a joint entity, we already see our revenue accelerating as we address currently unmet high value needs.”

Vishnu Thurpati, founder of Invisage Alpha, will become Chief Product Officer in the new management structure and will be responsible for evolving the Invisage platform to enhance the value delivered as the market continues to expand. Thurpati commented on the merger: “To date, the focus within the alt data ecosystem has been on creating match-making services and marketplaces – this does not address the core needs of data providers and investors to be able to quickly discover and integrate insights into the investment process.  To do this requires a combination of human expertise and sophisticated technology. By combining our skills and resources, AltHub and Invisage are helping data providers expand the addressable market and deliver greater value and insights to investment managers.”

Upon merger completion, the combined firm will have a new management team and board structure to support and deliver against a clear roadmap that leverages the synergies between AltHub’s deep relationships and alt data sales expertise, with Invisage’s proprietary technology and highly intuitive platform.

The focus for the firm will be to deliver tools and services that automate the process for discovering, conducting due diligence, and preparing datasets to integrate into the investment process. The firm plans to expand the number of datasets on its platform, focusing on niche areas including ESG, Macro and providing curated super signals for a broad range of investment strategies.

“Our plan and strategy are clear – by coming together, we will be in a unique position to offer a one-stop solution that lowers the barriers to integrating alt data into the investment process. The market is expected to grow at over 50% per year – and we feel ideally positioned to help create market structures and superior workflows as new providers emerge, and traditional investors begin to demand more alt data and more from it.”

About AltHub

Founded in 2017, by leading investment and technology professionals, ALTHUB is an award-winning provider of services, analytics and workflows tools within the rapidly expanding Alternative Data and ESG market. We bring together proprietary AI technology, a user-friendly platform and a team of market experts to address market inefficiencies to help data providers expand addressable market, improve pricing power and drive retention.

Media Contact: Charlotte Crane, 


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