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The AltHub Advantage with CrowdThnk

The AltHub Advantage with CrowdThnk

CrowdThnk is an investment research platform providing quantified market positioning data on financial stocks.

Case-Study: Harnessing Crowdsourced Data for Enhanced Market Insights

CrowdThnk, a firm specializing in quantifying market consensus positioning, faced the challenge of effectively leveraging crowdsourced and big data analytics to provide impactful insights. Their objective was to deliver alpha and gain a market edge through comprehensive forecasts for over 500 stocks.


Our AltHub platform brought CrowdThnk’s datasets into action by transforming them into “ready to model” datasets and demonstrating their alpha potential through systematic back-testing. A variety of strategies used by fundamental long-only investors and sophisticated long-short hedge funds were tested that revealed the underlying power of CrowdThnk’s dataset for all investor types.


We went beyond data analysis and demonstrated the outperformance of CrowdThnk’s datasets against industry benchmarks. By drilling down into the data, we identified the sectors that offered the most alpha from this distinct dataset. The result? Compelling and easily interpretable visualizations that underscored the value of CrowdThnk’s data. Specifically, by focusing on CrowdThnk’s Healthcare Top 2 Decile Long-Only Portfolio, we saw an impressive alpha of 16.04%.


The transformed dataset has emerged as a valuable resource for institutional investors pursuing alpha generation and risk mitigation. We highlighted how CrowdThnk’s Positioning Score dashboard and the corresponding dataset can serve as a fundamental strategy, particularly for those navigating timing, earnings, and political events. In summary, we transformed a dataset into a powerful tool that drives smarter and more informed investment decisions.