Alternative Data Monetization For
Investment Decisions

Unlock the power of alternative data for investment decisions with AltHub. Our data monetization platform turns your raw data into actionable insights, generating new revenue streams.
We’re transforming data into opportunities.

Data Monetization Meets Alpha Generation

  • Data-Driven
  • Investors

For Data-Driven Companies

Be a Data Provider. In today’s world, every company is a data-driven organization, and with our help, you can transform that data into a valuable asset. Monetize your data with an innovative new revenue stream.
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For Investors

Be a Data Buyer. A data buyer is typically an investor leveraging alternative datasets to gain unique insights. These insights from new industry data, can significantly enhance trade decisions and investment returns.
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What They’re Saying

"AltHub has helped us refine our product and demonstrate its value in the financial market; from using the platform to demo on calls, to whitepapers. If you are planning or already selling data, I would highly recommend their platform."
Dan Beltramo
Chief Innovation Officer, Onclusive
"Leveraging AltHub's platform and expert team was a fantastic experience for us at Cmind. Their platform empowered us to quickly refine our extensive data into a valuable alternative dataset, supporting the way for revenue growth. I’d recommend the AltHub team to all of those looking to create a new revenue stream or accelerate this with their untapped data."
Weihong Zhang
CEO, Cmind
"Partnering with AltHub was a game-changer for our alternative data business. Their innovative approach enabled us to engage and gain traction with our customers much more efficiently and helped us strengthen our position in market as a key alternative data provider."
Head of Alternative Data
ExactOne, a ClearScore product
"With AltLab360, we are not restricted to fully tickerized alternative datasets. It transforms all our raw data assets into clean and tickerized alternative datasets. Its a clear competitive advantage for us."
Data Scientist
Top 50 Hedge Fund

Data-Driven Companies

With our help, become a Data Provider and create a new stream of revenue.
We empower companies across all industries including AdTech, Logistics, Travel, Luxury Goods, Gaming, Cosmetics and more.

The AltLab360

Leverage our cutting-edge technology to transform your data into a set of alternative data that can be monetized, bringing unique modeling and insights to the financial market.

Financial Impact

For Data Buyers

Investors, such as Hedge Funds, buy the newly transformed datasets to gain fresh industry insights that help them optimize their trade decisions and improve investment performance.

For Data Providers

Leverage AltLab360’s modeling capabilities demonstrating how your data can be used to investors and unlock new revenue streams.