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Althub Transforms Raw Data Into Valuable Data Assets that are Ready to Monetize

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The Invisage platform by Althub is the first data transformation and verification platform in the market purpose built for companies to monetize their data. In 3 easy steps, we take you from unstructured raw data to getting your new data product in front of paying customers.

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There's no reason to wait; start monetizing your data today. You can go from start to sales in as little as 2 weeks. Book a demo today to see the Althub Invisage platform in action.

Data Providers

This is what Althub's Invisage platform will do for you:

Identify & Validate

Data review to identify and validate institutional investor and corporate use cases.

Data Preparation

Symbology linkage, normalization and structuring of data for easy integration into workflows.

Smart AI

Data verification and signal extraction with Invisage's smart machine learning layer.

Go-to-Market Prep

Alpha validation and white paper creation, quarterly materials refresh, and sales starter hub access.

Smart Data Feeds

Data distribution through the Invisage platform and Althub API to data marketplaces and end customers.

Media Awareness

Full public relations support, including press release and distribution to increase awareness of your new data product.

Data Buyers

Althub Invisage is ushering a new era of Data as a Service (DaaS). You can now have immediate access to some of the world's most innovative data sets, with validated signals, in a unified and ready to consume format.

Unified Platform

View and analyze an array of different datasets through the convenience of a single platform.

Super Signals

Combined multiple datasets from different data providers to create proprietary super signals.

Portfolio Creation

Use any single dataset or multiple datasets to construct custom portfolios, generate insights, and test alpha.

Custom Alerts

Set up custom alerts to get notified about any dataset or signal to stay ahead of market.

Prime Data Feeds

Use Althub's curated datasets and signals mapped to multiple investment strategies to explore new insights.

Althub Insights

Get the latest insights about what’s happening in the data industry and how your company can translate data into profits.

What Althub's Clients Say