The AltHub FAQs

What does AltHub do?

AltHub is an AI-powered company that transforms data into unique alternative datasets, unlocking new revenue streams and providing insights that sophisticated investors, such as hedge funds, want to buy. 

How can AltHub help me monetize data?

AltHub has developed a technology, called AltLab360, to empower data suppliers with essential tools to monetize their data.

Through the expertise of the team, AltHub will guide you through the transformation of your data and the onboarding to the platform. Through years of experience in the financial industry, technology and sales, we will support you through the journey of product discovery, build, and go-to-market.

What is Alternative Data?

Alternative data is non-traditional data from unconventional sources that investors use to gain insights different from those provided by traditional company financial filings.

Who are AltHub’s customers?

AltHub works with data suppliers to empower them with technology tools to successfully monetize to the investment management vertical. Utilizing the AltLab360 technology platform, data suppliers can confidently go-to-market and sell their data to investment buyers.

Who are data providers?

Data providers are companies that produce unique data as a result of operating their business.

This data could be exhaust data which is residual data generated as a byproduct of business activities.

Data providers could also be data businesses at their core, but have a focus on providing data insight to other industries such as advertising, travel, retail, agriculture, or the government use-cases.

Some companies are sitting on a goldmine of data - we can help you mine for the gold!

How do you help data providers?

We help data suppliers through licensing our AltHub360 technology platform, empowering suppliers with the best tools to approach the investment community.

What does AltLab360 do?

Our modular platform enables data suppliers to orient their data for financial analysis. generate insights, and go-to-market Contact us today to learn about which module would be best suited for your data.

SymLink: Our technology and service model to consistently and accurately tickerize brands and product names to traded company ids. Transforming your data into ready-to-use datasets.

Fundamental Edge & Quant Lab: With our intuitive dashboard and ML technology, we provide a platform for portfolio modeling, signal generation, and predictive financial analysis.

Prospector: Leverage secure curated leads, efficiently market your data, and uncover new avenues of revenue generation..

Insight Alerts: Combine market events with data, signals, and portfolio performance to gain timely insights, fostering a compelling transition from lead to sale.

Delivery Hub: Effortlessly track and manage data from trial to production across multiple channels like AWS, Google, and SFTP. Simplifying the data delivery process