Big Data As A Service (DaaS)

We provide Data Buyers with high-value data, transformed from a range of industries, and an AI-driven platform that enables seamless data integration. This combination delivers the edge you need to outperform the markets.
Explore the potential of alternative data, where every bit of information counts towards your investment expertise.
Discover your next advantage in alternative data.

How We Empower Our Data Buyers

Sophisticated Transformation

Through our AI-powered AltLab360 platform, we transform untapped assets into fully mapped alternative datasets, paving the path for rapid integration into your modeling and saving you upto 90% of integration time!

Alpha Generation

Access diverse data from various industries, with proven alpha potential, to generate unique yet first-order insights and enhanced investment returns.

Guided Support

With backgrounds in asset management, investment banking and technology, our capable team will guide you in using the platform to its full potential.

Empowering Efficiency

Streamline the entire investment decision making process with our user-friendly platform, saving you time for strategic decision making. We’re more than a platform – we’re your partner in unleashing powerful insights. Experience the transformative impact of AltHub today.

What They’re Saying

"With AltLab360, we are not restricted to fully tickerized alternative datasets. It transforms all our raw data assets into clean and tickerized alternative datasets. Its a clear competitive advantage for us."
Data Scientist
Top 50 Hedge Fund
"AltHub’s datasets are unique and polished for an easy integration into our trading algorithms."
Portfolio Manager
Top 10 Hedge Fund

Key Benefits

Data Transformation

With AltLab360 you can rapidly expand the datasets you employ and rely on it to transform them into model-ready datasets

Prime Data Feeds

Explore new horizons with our curated datasets and signals. Mapped to multiple investment use cases, these feeds are primed for insights discovery.

Quick Integration

Using our portfolio integration tools, filter and employ datasets that demonstrated incremental alpha in your portfolio strategy and investment use cases

Portfolio Modeling

Use single or multiple datasets to generate investment signals and test alpha with custom portfolios. Once backtested, portfolios are live and inform all your future trade decisions

Customized Alerts

Stay market-savvy with our custom alert feature. Be notified about any dataset or signal to stay ahead of the market.

All-In-One Access

Experience diverse datasets through our unified platform. Simplified visuals and analysis for your convenience.

Alt-Data Sets Ready for your Integration

Looking to scale your existing data revenue or explore new revenue opportunities?

Interested in discovering your next advantage?

Looking to scale your existing data revenue or explore new revenue opportunities?