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AltHub's Prospector: First specific lead development tool in the alternative data market

Empowering Data Providers to accelerate their Sales Processes

Press Release

AltHub Acquires Data Lagoon to Elevate Alternative Data Visualization Capabilities

 AltHub, a leading player in the alternative data space, today announced its acquisition of Data Lagoon, a firm specializing in data visualization.


Alpha-Generating Datasets

AltHub’s Jordan Pasternak and Vishnu Thurpati shared the stage with client CrowdThnk to demonstrate how AltHub advances the mission of CrowdThnk in providing alpha-generating datasets to investors. 

Press Release

AltHub Launches New AI-powered Alternative Data Monetization Platform

An Innovative Platform Set to Disrupt the Alternative Data Ecosystem

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Different Industries, Different Perspectives: Understanding the Varied Views on Data Across Sectors

Venture into the world of alt-data through diverse industries, understanding how the transition from research tools to data-driven tools is changing the way they view and utilize data.


AltHub CEO Scott Hall shares his thoughts with “I See Data People”.

Scott joins data industry experts Evan Schnidman and Omri Shtayer, to discuss the history of investors generating alpha from novel data sources, and where alternative data fits into that landscape.

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Success Stories

The AltHub Advantage with CrowdThnk

CrowdThnk is an investment research platform providing quantified market positioning data on financial stocks.

The AltHub Advantage with ClearScore

Learn how AltHub helps ClearScore from data refinement to unlocking unprecedented revenue potential with consumer credit data.

The AltHub Advantage with Cmind

Discover how Cmind leveraged AltHub’s transformative technology to unlock a lucrative revenue stream from their vast data reserves.

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