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Every piece of data your company generates holds untapped potential.
We help you realize this potential by transforming your raw data into alternative datasets – valuable insights that sophisticated investors like hedge funds want to buy.

Unleash the Power of Your Data.
Discover New Revenue Streams.

From travel companies to cosmetic brands, businesses across all industries are sitting on a hidden treasure chest of data, often without realizing it. Your data holds the key to understanding unique trends, which can help the financial world in managing investment strategies.
AltHub’s cutting-edge, AI-driven platform does the heavy lifting. By refining your data into a unique set of insights, it demonstrates the value investors can derive from the data, paving the way for data monetization.
But we don’t just transform your data – we also pave the way for you to monetize it, creating a new revenue stream for your company.

Here’s how – Your Product Journey


We begin our journey exploring your data assets for potential investment use-cases. By creating and refining alternative data products, we ensure they’re ready for impactful transformation.

Build & Refine

We then transition into the build phase within our AltLab360 platform. We map the data to investable assets and model it in various investment use cases and strategies, highlighting its potential value for investors.


Our tool helps you showcase your newly crafted datasets through interactive sales demos. Following this, we facilitate trial production delivery and back it up with comprehensive investment insights. It’s all about paving the way to your exciting new revenue stream.

What They’re Saying

"AltHub has helped us refine our product and demonstrate its value in the financial market; from using the platform to demo on calls, to whitepapers. If you are planning or already selling data, I would highly recommend their platform."
Dan Beltramo
Chief Innovation Officer, Onclusive
"Leveraging AltHub's platform and expert team was a fantastic experience for us at Cmind. Their platform empowered us to quickly refine our extensive data into a valuable alternative dataset, supporting the way for revenue growth. I’d recommend the AltHub team to all of those looking to create a new revenue stream or accelerate this with their untapped data."
Weihong Zhang
CEO, Cmind
"Partnering with AltHub was a game-changer for our alternative data business. Their innovative approach enabled us to engage and gain traction with our customers much more efficiently and helped us strengthen our position in market as a key alternative data provider."
Head of Alternative Data
ExactOne, a ClearScore product
"Within weeks we had a polished data product and started building a pipeline with new customers. AltHub proposition is very clear and we found it unique to a firm like us."
SVP, Business Development
AdTech industry
"Utilizing AltLab360’s Prospector tool was a game-changer for us. In just 30 days, we secured new business from a major hedge fund. The ROI? A staggering 10x in the first month alone. A highly recommended tool for any business looking to grow rapidly!"
Healthcare Records Company

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