The Alternative Data Monetization Platform

Our state-of-the-art platform transforms raw data into ready-to-use datasets. Fueled by cutting-edge technology, it explores multiple use cases, crafts market signals, and validates the value of your data.
With AltLab360, you don’t just get clean alternative data, you gain an enhanced understanding and presentation of the data.

The AltLab360

Dive into our core functionalities – the SymLink tool refines data into investment model-ready datasets, the Fundamental Edge and Quant Lab tools provide insights with predictive analysis, and our visuals illustrate clear, actionable insights.
We also equip providers with potent sales tools, including warm leads with our intuitive Prospector module, for effective data marketing.
Revolutionize your data usage and turn insights into action with AltLab360.


Transform your data into feature-rich datasets so it can be integrated into financial models instantly. This includes tickerization, which maps the data to investable assets, and transformations to create point in time data with maximum features for building investment models.

Fundamental Edge and Quant Lab

Harness the power of our Financial Modeling and Backtesting tool to transform data into predictive investment signals and validate the investment performance by testing the signals on historical data. Our visuals turns complex datasets into clear, intuitive, and interactive graphics. Instantly understand patterns, trends, and insights at a glance.

Insight Alerts

We analyze data, monitor key performance indicators, and track portfolio performance to deliver the most impactful insights directly to your inbox.


With curated and most relevant leads, Prospector module empowers data providers to increase the chance of converting leads into sales and shorten the sales cycle.