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Alternative data refers to information used to gain insights into a company that is not found in traditional financial reports. This data offers unique perspectives on performance, trends, and future prospects.

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Alternative data has revolutionized the way businesses and investors operate. By using information that isn’t found in traditional financial reports or balance sheets, companies can glean valuable insights into market trends and consumer behavior.
Data providers are the backbone of the alternative data industry, and they have seen significant growth in the last 5 to 10 years.

Data Monetization

Data monetization is important for two reasons: first, because data is a new and valuable commodity, and second, because it provides a way for companies to make money from their data without selling it.
There are many different ways to monetize data. The most common is to sell it to third-party companies, but there are also other methods, such as using it to create new products or services, or using it to improve existing ones.

The Landscape

We see four primary customer segments. Each of these customer groups have different motivations for buying data, and they tend to purchase different types of data sets.
Alternative data has become a crucial tool for traders and investors alike, providing fresh perspectives on market trends and opportunities.
Alternative data is becoming a crucial asset for investment managers. It offers insights into markets and trends, allowing them to make informed decisions.

The Alt Datasets

What is media sentiment data?

Media sentiment data involves analyzing news articles, social media, and other content to gauge the overall sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) surrounding a particular subject, company, or market. Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning, it helps quantify public perception.