A Data & Analytics Company

AltHub is an AI-driven data transformation platform.
We empower companies in every industry to create a new revenue stream by transforming their data into powerful first-order alternative data, bringing unique insights to institutional investors.
Put simply, we help all companies make money by transforming their data into a unique dataset that helps investors make smarter decisions.

The AltHub Vision

We firmly believe that the Alternative Data field is still in its early stages. As industries evolve, digitize, and unlock untapped value from their data, there remains a substantial growth opportunity.
Our vision is to revolutionize data usage globally, empowering companies across all industries to unlock new revenue streams, enabling investors to make more intelligent decisions.

The Team

With backgrounds from top global financial firms, our team has built a platform that not only transforms untapped data into unique alternative datasets but also serves as a sophisticated portfolio modeling tool to identify compelling investment signals for investors.
Our passion lies at the intersection of groundbreaking AI technology, untapped data potential, the dynamic field of alternative data, and financial portfolio modeling.
"In the vast sea of alternative data sets available today, I firmly believe only about 10% are primed for immediate use. The remaining 90% require careful preparation and polish to deliver valuable insights. At AltHub, we're bridging this gap, turning raw data into valuable, actionable investment intelligence. "
Scott Hall
CEO, AltHub

Vishnu Thurpati

Co-Founder Chief Product Officer
With an eye for market movements and analyst insights, Vishnu built Invisage, a technology portfolio modeling tool, used by leading investment banks. He has a deep-rooted passion for alternative data and portfolio modeling, and loves discerning unique patterns and investment signals. His enthusiasm for transforming alternative data into actionable investment signals is a driving force behind AltHub’s technology. Vishnu attended India’s top-ranked engineering college at BITS Pilani.

Scott Hall

Co-Founder & CEO
With 25 years of leadership in sales, strategy, and business line roles, Scott brings a wealth of experience in enterprise and cloud solutions, specializing in data management and analytics. His expertise spans various industries, with a deep focus on the Financial and Energy sectors. His passion for untapped data assets and the unique insights they provide fuels his innovative approach and unceasing curiosity. Scott earned his MBA from NYU Stern School and his BS from Lehigh.

Jordan Pasternak

Business Development
An enthusiast of alternative data and startups, Jordan has a decade of strategic and business development experience within the technology sphere, particularly with early-stage fintech, data, and software projects. His leadership skills shone when he signed AltHub’s initial client cohort across both data buyer and provider segments. Jordan’s passion and expertise drive growth and innovation at AltHub. Jordan earned his MBA from Baruch and his BS from Binghamton.