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AltHub’s Prospector: First specific lead development tool in the alternative data market

AltHub's Prospector: First specific lead development tool in the alternative data market

Empowering Data Providers to accelerate their Sales Processes

In a significant step towards empowering data providers, AltHub is excited to unveil the newest addition to its AltLab360 platform: the Prospector module. This innovative tool helps a provider sales team to find the right funds and people that match their data. Imagine knowing better the bullseye for your data.

“It is so important to speak to the right people in this industry, and this tool dramatically changes things by giving the keys to the data provider sales team to drive more meaningful outreach,” explained Scott Hall, CEO of AltHub. “With Prospector, we’re providing these companies a cutting-edge, AI-driven tool that identifies the most pertinent funds and then contacts to significantly increase the likelihood of quality meetings.”

Prospector addresses a critical phase in the data sales cycle by curating secure leads that match the unique profile of each data product. Particularly beneficial for providers targeting quantitative and fundamental investors, this module meticulously analyzes 13F filing data, aligning data sellers with funds that have substantial holdings in relevant positions. Over 5,000 funds and several thousand contacts.

Industry experts are already signaling a strong reception as Michael Mayhew of Integrity Research Associates wrote in a recent analysis: ‘The team at Integrity Research finds this new platform to be quite exciting, particularly given its modular nature. We would not be surprised to see robust take-up of a few of the platform’s modules like SymLink and Prospector,’ Mayhew shared.

The Head of Business Development at AltHub, Jordan Pasternak, highlighted, “Early client feedback highlights Prospector’s seamless integration and its impact on lead quality and outreach strategy.”

As the landscape of data-driven investment evolves, tools like Prospector will be paramount in navigating the complex marketplace, ensuring providers can capitalize on their data’s true potential.

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