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What is a Data Provider?

What is a Data Provider?

Data Providers and the Evolving Landscape

Data providers are the backbone of the alternative data industry, and they have seen significant growth in the last 5 to 10 years. Who are these providers, and what role do they play in the investment world?

The Role of Data Providers

Data providers can be any company that has data and with the help of AltHub, may transform the data into unique alternative data. In doing so, they are experts in extracting information that can be useful to investors.

Challenges Faced by Data Providers

Understanding the specific needs of hedge funds and investment firms is a complex task. The raw format of the data may not be suitable for all, and there is a need for customization and adaptation to individual requirements.

The Future for Data Providers

Data providers are realizing the potential of their products, and new business models are emerging, such as selling data on an annual license basis. The market is evolving, and data providers must adapt to meet the unique demands of the investment community.