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Media Sentiment​

Media Sentiment

What is media sentiment data?

Media sentiment data involves analyzing news articles, social media, and other content to gauge the overall sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) surrounding a particular subject, company, or market. Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning, it helps quantify public perception.

How can investors use it?

Investors leverage media sentiment data to make informed decisions, anticipate market movements, and identify potential risks or opportunities. It provides insights into market sentiment trends, helping investors stay ahead in dynamic financial markets.

What is Semantics Vision Data?

Semantic Visions’s dataset covers over 1.1 million news articles daily across 12 languages. This extensive coverage offers a comprehensive view of global sentiment, empowering investors with a wealth of information for decision-making.

What is a Modeling Approach?

Modeling approach involves defining an investment or trading strategy and then using the data to systematically trade per the strategy in efforts to capture the outperformance potential.
For the media sentiment data of Semantic Visions, AltHub have developed a data transformation methodology to aggregate the sentiment on a stock across all published media. This transformed data is then used in a machine learning model to predict next day stock price returns.

What Are Potential Results?

Data modeling and portfolio backtesting have shown great alpha potential in the data with consistent outperformance over market benchmarks like the S&P500 and NASDAQ100 to the tune of 15.6% and 15.4% annualised alpha over the respective indices. Notably, in our backtesting, the short strategies (which short sell the stocks that the model forecasts negative returns) have performed the best with minimal losses during market rallies and outsized returns in market downturns.

How you can get involved

Explore the potential within Semantic Visions’s sentiment analysis for enhanced investment outcomes.

Download the whitepaper today to delve into detailed backtesting results and strategic insights.

For a deeper understanding of how sentiment data can transform your investment strategy, reach out to us now.